Bài mẫu IELTS Writing Task 2 – Ngày 9/5/2024

Bài mẫu IELTS Writing Task 2 – Ngày 9/5/2024

Đề bài

Most countries aim to improve their standard of living through economic development, but many important social values can be lost as a result. Do the advantages of economic development outweigh the disadvantages?

Phân tích đề bài

Dạng bài: Advantages – Disadvantages

Keywords cần lưu ý: improve their standard of living – through economic development – important social values – lost

Độ khó: Trung bình – Nội dung đề bài dù có phần “vĩ mô”, tuy nhiên không quá xa lạ với các thí sinh (lợi và hại của việc phát triển kinh tế). Thí sinh cần lưu ý kỹ hơn đến việc đề bài hỏi về mặt lợi – hại, chứ không hỏi đồng ý với nội dung trong đề bài hay không.

Cách tiếp cận trong bài mẫu:

  • Ý kiến tổng quan: Xu hướng trong đề mang lại nhiều lợi ích hơn tác hại.
  • Body 1: Trình bày các mặt trái của việc phát triển kinh tế.
  • Body 2: Nhấn mạnh rằng các lợi ích mà phát triển kinh tế mang lại lớn hơn và có thể bù đắp được các mặt trái.

Band điểm ước tính cho bài viết mẫu: 7.0

Bài mẫu

In recent years, the propensity that economic growth is aimed at raising living standards in most nations has sparked a public discussion. Although some social consequences might be brought about by economic prosperity to a certain extent, the benefits of this trend are more significant, particularly in terms of tackling unemployment issues and providing sources of governmental budget.

On the one hand, major downsides related to environmental degradation and socio-economic disparities in communities are derived from economic expansion. To begin with, since profit-oriented enterprises expedite products outputs and enlarge the productive capacity to respond to excessive demand, environmental problems such as air pollution and global warming are perpetuated in several ways. More specifically, it results in the overexploitation of fossil fuels for manufacturing and discharging a greater amount of untreated waste into the environment, which is a menace to the quality of human lives. In addition, income and wealth inequality is another main risk of this trend when the wealthy could leverage economic development to generate earnings through financial investments and sustain political power, but hardly are the underprivileged involved. As a result, abject poverty stemming from income inequality is getting worse because it not only triggers a manifested class conflict, but also exacerbates social problems namely crime rates, the discrimination of public health benefits, and educational disadvantages, thus placing significant burdens on governments.

On the other hand, the magnitude of economic growth regarding employment prospects and societal benefits would transcend potential drawbacks. First, as this trend generates a meteoric rise in decent job opportunities for workers in foreign-invested corporations and local firms, it is instrumental in solving unemployment problems and improving the quality of human lives in developing countries. Consequently, with increased remuneration, employed workers would initially surmount their family’s financial hurdles and then readily invest in their offspring’s education, advancing human development financially and intellectually. Second, economic development creates more taxation funds for national authorities, and an enriched governmental budget is dedicated to the promotion of other essential sectors for the betterment of public services. The investment in healthcare and scientific technology in a growing economy would perfectly exemplify this situation, medical treatments and facilities have improved with sufficient monetary resources and become more accessible for residents, thus safeguarding public health in most nations.

In conclusion, despite some drawbacks of environmental matters and social disparities, higher economic growth is a powerful tool to enhance the quality of human lives across the world. This is because it could solve numerous social issues such as employment and public healthcare and contribute to national in the future.

(427 words)

Highlight keywords 

  • spark a public discussion: làm nổ ra cuộc tranh luận chung
  • economic prosperity (noun phrase): sự thịnh vượng về kinh tế
  • Socio-economic disparities: khoảng cách kinh tế – xã hội
  • Profit-oriented enterprises (noun phrase): doanh nghiệp hướng về lợi nhuận
  • perpetuate (verb): thúc đẩy
  • menace (noun): sự đe dọa 
  • the underprivileged: những người gặp bất lợi trong xã hội
  • abject poverty (noun phrase): sự nghèo rớt mồng tơi, bần cùng tột độ
  • a meteoric rise (noun phrase): sự tăng lên nhanh và đột ngột
  • remuneration (noun): tiền công
  • surmount (verb): xử lý, giải quyết

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