Bài mẫu IELTS Writing Task 2 – Ngày 13/4/2024

Bài mẫu IELTS Writing Task 2 – Ngày 13/4/2024

Đề bài

Some people say that when deciding how to spend taxes, the government should prioritise healthcare. Others think that there are more important priorities for tax-payers’ money. Discuss both views and give your own opinion

Phân tích đề bài 

Dạng bài: Discussion 

Keywords cần lưu ý: decide how to spend taxes – government – prioritise healthcare – more important priorities 

Độ khó: Trung bình – Chủ đề “chi tiêu thuế của chính phủ” không quá xa lạ trong các bài thi IELTS. Tuy nhiên một điểm thí sinh cần lưu ý trong đề bài này là việc chủ đề bị giới hạn ở healthcare, đồng thời thí sinh cần làm rõ các “more important priorities” để tránh việc bài viết trở nên mơ hồ. 

Cách tiếp cận trong bài mẫu: 

  • Ý kiến tổng quan: Đồng ý với quan điểm 2 nhiều hơn – chính phủ nên chi tiền thuế cho các ưu tiên quan trọng khác. 
  • Body 1: Đầu tư tiền thuế vào y tế giúp cải thiện sức khỏe cộng đồng và nền kinh tế. 
  • Body 2: Tuy nhiên, việc đầu tư vào giáo dục và quân sự có thể quan trọng hơn. 

Band điểm ước tính cho bài viết mẫu: 7.5

Bài mẫu

Opinions diverge on whether governmental expenditures of income tax should be dedicated to the public health system or allocated to other growing societal problems. Although the former is valid to a certain extent, particularly in terms of human well-being and economic stability, the latter is also worth considering due to its benefits for the nation’s overall development. 

On the one hand, tax spending on healthcare is a key factor for the promotion of public health and the national economy. First, by making appropriate investments in public health infrastructure, the availability of hospitals with advanced medical equipment, large capacities, and unlimited sources of effective medicine respond more quickly to health emergencies for patients. As such, this propensity is a concomitant of mitigation in mortality and infectious diseases, meeting the ever increasing healthcare needs of the population. Secondly, the allocation of taxpayer funds acts as a stimulant to cope with unexpected crises through long-term medical research, proposed clinical protocol, and vaccinations in favor of substantial economic benefits. COVID-19 perfectly exemplifies this situation as unpreparedness during this pandemic is the primary repercussion of global economic stagnation and recession with prolonged quarantine, hence, more resilient health systems safeguard the streamline of economic mechanisms.

On the one hand, the magnitude of their sectors such as education and military matters holds more significance. First, as the allocation of income tax expenditures lays a foundation for tuition waivers to support the young generation, a greater quality of the future workforce would be nurtured. To better illustrate, children regardless of socioeconomic status and family income are entitled to educational opportunities to further their career path, making huge contributions to the development of national stature in several fields. Second, national defense activities in the military are regarded as another mandatory spending from taxation funds since national security has been the top priority for maintaining a sovereign state and suppressing invasive threats. More specifically, the government collects taxes and finances various activities of military personnel, military operations, or the procurement and research of weapons. 

In conclusion, despite the importance of healthcare promotion, the tax income budget of the authorities should also aid other essential sectors namely education and military issues for national stability and prosperity. An equal distribution of taxpayers’ money in diverse sectors is a prerequisite for the comprehensive development of nations. 

(382 words) 

Highlight vocabulary

  • (be) dedicated to something (phrase): dành riêng cho việc gì
  • a concomitant of something (noun phrase): việc xảy ra cùng với một việc nào
  • mitigation (noun): sự giảm thiểu
  • clinical protocol (noun phrase): phác đồ chữa trị
  • unpreparedness (noun): sự không chuẩn bị sẵn
  • primary repercussion (noun phrase): nguyên nhân chính
  • global economic stagnation and recession (phrase): sự trì trệ và suy thoái của nền kinh tế toàn cầu
  • prolonged quarantine (noun phrase): sự cách ly dài hạn
  • lays a foundation for something (verb phrase): tạo tiền đề cho việc gì 
  • national defense activities (noun phrase): hoạt động bảo vệ đất nước 
  • a sovereign state (noun phrase): tính độc lập, chủ quyền 
  • suppress invasive threats (noun phrase): đàn áp những mối nguy xâm lược 
  • a prerequisite for something (noun phrase): điều kiện tiên quyết
  • comprehensive development (noun phrase): sự phát triển toàn diện

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